send1 [send]
sent, sending [ME senden < OE sendan, akin to Ger senden, Goth sandjan, caus. formation, “to cause to go” < IE base * sent-, to go, find out, discover > L sentire, to feel, sense, OIr sēt, way]
a) to cause to go or be carried; dispatch, convey, or transmit
b) to dispatch, convey, or transmit (a letter, message, etc.) by mail, radio, etc.
2. to ask, direct, or command to go [send the boy home]
3. to arrange for the going of; enable to go or attend [to send one's son to college]
4. to cause or force to move, as by releasing, hitting, discharging, throwing, etc. [he sent the ball over the fence]
5. to bring or drive into some state or condition [sent him to his ruin]
6. to cause to happen, come, etc.; give [a misfortune sent by the gods ]
7. Slang to make very excited or exhilarated; thrill
1. to send a message, messenger, emissary, etc. [to send for help]
2. to transmit, as by radio
send around
to put into circulation
send away
to dispatch or banish
send down
Brit. to suspend or expel from a university
send flying
1. to dismiss or cause to depart hurriedly
2. to stagger or repel, as with a blow
3. to put to flight; rout
4. to scatter abruptly in all directions
send for
1. to ask for the arrival of; summon
2. to place an order for; make a request for delivery of
send forth
to be a source of; cause to appear; give out or forth; produce, emit, utter, etc.
send in
1. to dispatch, hand in, or send to a central point or to one receiving
2. to put (a player) into a game or contest
send off
1. to mail or dispatch (a letter, gift, etc.)
2. to dismiss
3. to give a send-off to
send out
1. to dispatch, distribute, issue, mail, etc. from a central point
2. to send forth
3. to send someone on an errand (for something)
send up
1. to cause to rise, climb, or go up
2. Informal to sentence to prison
3. [Informal, Chiefly Brit.] to make seem ridiculous, esp. by parody
send2 [send]
[prob. < SEND1, but infl. by ASCEND]
1. the driving motion of a wave or the sea
1. to be plunged forward, as by a wave

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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